Tuesday, July 15, 2014

267. Rosebud County Library, Forsyth, Montana

The children's area at the Forsyth branch of the Rosebud County Library has a sign indicating that the children's book collection was given "In loving memory of Beverly Delmiro, June 2007." What a wonderful way to honor her memory. The children's area has posters aimed at parents, reminding them that they can help children get ready to read by reading, writing, playing.... Children under 5 "must have direct adult supervision" at the library.

This library has a new director, the first in 16 years, and she was happy to point out the features. Some that struck me as especially fine are a "living room" area that includes "coffee table books" on the coffee table--just like home. These books include a binder of art "from the residents of Rosebud Health Care Center, 2009-2010." I liked the posters on the ends of shelves that show various feet (yes, really) representing different types of people and saying "We have books for all walks of life." Four carrels are new, and are used when tests are proctored, apparently a significant community contribution by the library. I know of some "big city" libraries that are backing away from proctoring tests; it's good to see that it is still part of the library's role in smaller settings.

A collection of textbooks is on a shelf in the back. I don't think I've seen textbooks in a public library before, at least not a collection of them gathered together. Textbooks about nursing and education remain popular, but others are due for some weeding. There is a large collection of western non-fiction.

A large space in the basement that can be rented, including a "living room" area and a full kitchen. The library holds local papers back to the 1890s, as well as records of Library Board and Women's Club meetings.

I think my favorite feature is the large free-standing wooden frame that holds a map of Montana on a roller, like the maps that once graced every classroom.

To learn more about this library, go to http://www.rosebudcountymt.gov/LIBRARY_ROSEBUD_COUNTY/INDEX.html and https://www.facebook.com/rosebud.forsyth?fref=ts.

7/12/2014, car

Not just your basic sign!


  1. I thought Rosebud was his sled!

    It's a very different story when it turns out it's his library!

  2. I've heard of that Rosebud sled thing, but I don't know just what it is. It's from some movie, right?


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