Sunday, July 6, 2014

256. Strathmore Municipal Library, Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

This was a fairly quick visit, but I spotted a number of items of interest.

If you're having problems with your computer, come here on Saturday mornings between 10 and 12 for "Tech Tutoring with Kat."

Graphic novels have J/Y spine stickers. This initially raised my eyebrows, as I've seen some pretty racy YA graphic novels. Then I spotted this sign: "Please note: YA graphic novels may contain mature content and may be unsuitable for younger readers."

You can borrow a pedometer kit from this library, an excellent idea.

There are some Spanish books. I didn't notice other world languages, but could have missed them.

I reached the kids area last, and found a large "alcove," perhaps 4 x 8 meters, with a bright alpha/numeric rug with a yellow sun in the center. Picture books are on shelves; easy readers are in bins, sorted by reading level and author. There are two semi-circular tables sized for young children.

This is the first library where I've spotted a picture of the Queen!

For more about the Strathmore library, go to and


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