Friday, July 4, 2014

253. Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

No adventures in Swift Current, thank goodness. (See Moose Jaw if you wonder what that means!) My GPS took me right to the door with no problems.

I was a day early...on July 5 the library will kick off the summer reading program with a "Slug Launch Party." Hmmm, perhaps I'm not sorry to miss that. Should appeal to kids, however.

My overall sense of this library was of openness and light, thanks to pale-yellow walls, a high ceiling, and large windows. The children's area is designated by KIDS' CORNER letters high on one of these walls; the letters must be half a meter tall and they are cleverly decorated with animal figures. They represent a lot of work and creativity.

There are family literature bins on various topics. Also, new to me, there are pillow-case-sized bags, each different, called Incredible You; each bag appears to have a number of books and toys. I saw several styles of table here that I haven't seen before. A pair of tables fit together in a yin/yang pattern. Others are lozenge-shaped with a curved cutout in one end, so they can be  put together in various configurations. The children's area is spacious enough for four large, colorful rugs to be placed together. There is a tall puppet theater with a sign "Staff use only--unstable." Kids can use a smaller table-top puppet theater nearby. An adult "living room" space is adjacent to the kids area.

Moving on to the adult area, there is a large space with floor to ceiling windows on two sides. This space holds round and rectangular tables and many plants--very nice.

One sign among many at the information desk asks for donations of crochet hooks for a tween program. (This reminded me of Canaan, NH, where patrons can borrow knitting needles in special sizes and styles.)

There is a genealogy cabinet with materials for in-library use only, along with microfilm and -fiche readers. I spotted a multi-volume History of Canada and Its Provinces, published in 1914--this is its centennial year!

I spotted at least five public computers. There is a modest collection of non-English materials in Chinese, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, German, Ukrainian, and Filipino. There are two statues of historic figures, and I meant to ask who they are, but I forgot. Perhaps someone will leave a comment and let us know. (Having read all of Louise Penny's books, I thought I should know at least one of them!)

As I was leaving I noticed a fire hose in an enclosure in the lobby with a sign asking that nothing be placed in front of emergency equipment. And there wasn't much, just a chair and a wheelchair...

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7/4/2014, car


  1. I am enjoying your accounts of visits to Saskatchewan Libraries. I've never been there but immediately think of one of my very favorite writers, Farley Mowat, who grew up there and whose father ran a library I think in Saskatoon. Did you ever read "The Dog Who Wouldn't Be" Well, it wasn't much about the library, but the slug launch party seems to fit comfortably in.

    1. I think I have read "The Dog Who Wouldn't Be," but when I think of Mowat I tend to think of "The Boat Who Wouldn't Float." Hmm, I read that long ago; perhaps I should look for it at the library...

  2. OK, "Boat" is on request. Not in Ramsey County, of course, because RCLS doesn't have it. Hennepin does. Two copies. One "just returned."


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