Sunday, July 6, 2014

258. Banff Library, Banff, Alberta, Canada--Updated

At last, I'm all sorted out and squared away and ready to work on the Banff entry!

I walked from my motel, at one end of town, to the library at the other end, a nice treat after a day of driving. Sidewalks were crowded with tourists by the busload from all over. Shops, restaurants, more shops, and then, voila! A gem of a library, tucked about a block off the main drag. Things that I noticed:

Children's art, nicely framed, is displayed in the lobby area. One very creative piece was unframed, as it was a construction, perhaps from found objects. The lobby also holds a Friends of the Library book sale cart, plus a shelf of "Gems," unusual books with special pricing.

The littlest patrons have an area set off with partial walls of glass, sort of a "nook." The Junior area is right in the middle of the library, and Young Adult corner has two tall windows.

There is a modest International collection, where I spotted books in Japanese, German, and French.

This library has a grandfather clock, usually a hallmark of New Hampshire libraries but looking quite at home here.

Near the browsing area I noticed newspaper "sticks" like the ones I used to place papers on in the 50s. Here, the papers were draped over the sticks, not slipped onto them. That's a big timesaver!

For more about this library, go to and

And I DO apologize for being so slow getting this posted.

7/5/2014, car


  1. With Banff I was thinking exotic and mountainy, yet strangely it kind of reminds me of the Shoreview Library!

    I do see some nice mountains in the back.

    I really enjoy all the positive little details you pick out for each of your visits. It's lovely.

  2. It's plenty exotic and mountainy, really. The picture doesn't do it justice. Shoreview is surrounded by parking lots. Well, there are a few trees on one side, but still.... When I catch up with the entries from this trip (there are about 8 more) you'll read about one that I THOUGHT would remind me of Roseville in all the wrong ways, but it was a wonderful surprise.


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