Wednesday, July 22, 2015

351. Pine River Public Library, Pine River, MN

I was particularly looking forward to this visit because...look at the pictures...I expected to meet a Library Cat. The sign outside was promising; the anterooms by the emergency exits were promising. But, sadly, Browser was not in residence when I visited. The librarian explained that there was some construction going on that made Browser uncomfortable, so he was having an extended stay...elsewhere. But he does exist. I learned that he is a penpal with Elsie the Library Cat in St. Helena, CA, with whom I am Facebook friends. And the library knows how to capitalize on having a library cat: I now own a Browser T-shirt, Browser tote bag, two Browser magnets, and a book about rescued cats, part of the price of which will go to some cat charity (I forget which). I even got some significant steps on my step counter, rare on a "collecting trip," because I wanted all that loot, which meant I had to find an ATM.

OK, the visit wasn't all about Browser. Let's see...  There is a small Minnesota History Reference collection. A children's game computer. Two tall cafĂ©-type tables with seats to match, one set up for checkers, one for chess. They put newspapers on sticks--I always get a kick when I see that, remembering my first library job. Putting papers on those sticks is as tricky as it looks! The library overall gave an impression of "nooks and crannies" with various seating to suit various patrons.

The children's area is a long, narrow room with the wall painted to look like sky, clouds, trees, and a white picket fence. There is also a large panel that looks like a flowering garden; I think this might be one of those wallpaper murals. [I had one of a mountain in my dining room a long time ago.] This room holds picture books and easy readers. The J collection is right outside it, near the game computer.

I have met two library cats in my travels. You can meet Page by checking out my entry for Cazenovia, NY and Louie, in Freedom, NH. And Moosilauke, NH, now has a library dog!

For more about this library, visit Kitchigami Regional Library System at

7/21/2015, car

Browser is part of the library sign.

When in residence, Browser has two small rooms near the exit doors,
with places to climb and hang out.

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