Thursday, July 2, 2015

346. La Crosse County Public Library, Holmen, Wisconsin

The branch library in Holmen is proof that good things can come in small packages. The adult area, to the left, appears to be a comfortable space, with plenty of easy chairs. The stacks are tall, making maximum use of limited space. I noticed here that children's non-fiction is inter-shelved with adult non-fiction; I don't recall whether this was true at the other branches I visited. Also, Large Print editions of fiction are shelved with the regular editions. This is the case at other branches, and I believe it is not universally liked. The LP books are clearly identified with stickers on the spines, and I can see advantages and disadvantages of shelving this way, especially in a small library. No system is perfect.

There are eight computers and five carrels. Free Wi-Fi is available, "Inquire at desk for current password."

In the children's area the outstanding feature is a wall painted to look like a twilight sky, with palm trees at either end. I learned that this is part of a "Where the Wild Things Are" scene, but the "wild things" were not present. There was a sign referring to "Larry the Reading Lizard." At first I thought this might be similar to "Paws to Read," but on reflection I decided that it must be a stuffed lizard. Perhaps someone will leave a clarifying comment, since I failed to ask.

There is a big rocker for story time, with a fabric "rope" across the seat; I guess it is only for story time. There is also a rack of name tags for story time participants. I saw racks like this at other branches, and if I were doing story time, I would definitely use something like this, given my weakness in the name-remembering department.

The librarian I talked to told me that the building was once a grocery store, making Holmen a smaller cousin of the library in St. Croix Falls.

For more about the Holmen library, see the La Crosse County Library website at

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