Thursday, July 23, 2015

126a. Staples Public Library, Staples, MN

I used to (about 40 years ago) spend some time in a trailer on a lake near Staples. But roads have been enlarged and re-routed, and I'm not even sure of the name of the lake (possibly Crook Neck), so I can't claim to have any connection here, really. When I got to Staples I had been on the road close to 12 hours; this was my eighth stop, a record for me for a day of "library collecting." Perhaps that explains...something.

I found the library without trouble, but nothing looked familiar. Hmmm. Either this was in fact a new library, or I was mistaken when I told the man in Wadena that I had visited all of the Great River libraries. [See the Wadena post if you need the context.] I took a few pictures outside. Inside, nothing struck me as familiar...except a three-panel fabric wall hanging. Hadn't I seen that before?

I walked around and noted newspapers on sticks (I always get a kick out of these), six computers ("Please use print preview..."), "Free Magazines, Help Yourself," "Rules of Behavior" posters (reasonable rules, but not often seen posted like this).

I continued to the kids side. A wall, about 8 feet tall, separates the adult and kid areas, and is used for displays. On this day, half of the space was devoted to birds, the other half to posters and books under the heading Road Trip USA. There are two large (4 or 5 foot diameter) beanbag chairs. Picture books are labeled "Easy Books," which always sort of bothers me, because many picture books are not easy in concept or reading level. But almost everyone uses this terminology, so what the heck...

A nearly-round room beside the service desk is called "the roundhouse," picking up on a train theme. Staples is very much a railroad town.

I talked to a couple of staff and learned that the library is about 5 years old--and I've only been making these visits for three years. When I got home I looked through my early entries and sure enough: this was a re-visit, hence the 126a designation on this entry. I had even taken almost the same pictures. It must be that 355 libraries are at the limit of what my memory can handle! I don't regret the stop at all, partly because when I tried to buy one of their attractive book bags, I was not allowed to; instead, one was given to me. Thanks again!

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