Thursday, July 2, 2015

347. Shirley M. Wright Memorial Library, Trempealeau, Wisconsin

This is the Shirley M. Wright Memorial Library, dedicated in 2005. And it was founded by Hettie Pierce in 1913. There is a display with a model of Hettie Pierce's library, a page from the old library register, and even an old neon sign. A wooden tree on the wall as you enter has a leaf for each donor. There are two volumes of a "Legacy Book" on a table nearby. These all strike me as signs of community support and well-placed pride in their library. There is also an interest in local history, seen in a display of well-labeled artifacts and a sign "Unearthing Trempealeau's Past."

I immediately noticed the arrangement of computers on tables that are sort of kidney-shaped, designed in such a way that four can be set together. The curved table shape give each user a bit of extra space and privacy, it seems; hard to explain, but computers were being used, so I couldn't get a picture. There are two sets of four computers in this arrangement in the center of the library.

A large program room has a wall of windows, plus more windows on a second wall. It appears that part of the Summer Reading Program here involves writing a group story. Large sheets of paper hold the first three chapters, where an adult has written story prompts and kids have provided the details. I wish I had copied some of this; as I recall, there was quite a bit of action, and maybe a bit of mayhem!

In the children's area there was a magnetism display with many small clear-topped containers and a magnet one could use to test the properties of the items in the containers. A low counter has four chairs and two computer devices of some sort...iPads, perhaps, but rather large. [I'm not very literate in the "computing device" area, I fear!] A rather high shelf held special books with a sign "Pop-up books for in-library use only."

A square corner with windows has a bench seat plus three rockers, two small and one large.

Moving on, I came to more windows, a bright rug, and five easy chairs. I didn't see a sign, but the labels on nearby books confirmed that this area is for teens. Two 3-D puzzles were on a table nearby, and four carrels are ready for quiet study.

Finally, there is one of the most handsome fireplaces I've seen in my library travels, with ample casual seating for browsers and readers. See the picture below...doesn't it make you want to come in and settle down with a book?

Super heroes are the theme of many summer reading programs this year, and as I was leaving I copied this sign into my notebook: "A hero is just someone who was brave for a little bit longer."

For more about the Trempealeau Library, visit their webpage at or on Facebook at

6/30/2015, car

A handsome building with lots of character

Is that box with the vertical slots a bat or butterfly house?
I meant to ask. If you know, please leave a comment!

A bench outside a library always looks welcoming,
especially if you arrive a few minutes before opening.

Isn't this gorgeous?

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