Thursday, July 2, 2015

108a. Pepin, Wisconsin -- re-visit

I first visited the Pepin library three years ago with a friend who summered there. It is pretty much as I remembered it: a small collection of books for sale in the entry, a glassed-in room for quiet study and periodicals, and VHS and audio tapes still available, along with CDs and DVDs.

Some things I don't recall noticing on my first visit include a separate section of Large Print Westerns, suggesting how important the Western genre must be to the local patrons, and a small area designated for teens.

The children's area still has the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs totem pole and a glass-fronted bookcase with a Laura Ingalls Wilder display. (The actual Little House In the Big Woods was nearby and there is a visitor center up the road a ways.)

There is one new addition to the children's area, something I have seen in no other library: a play workbench with an assortment of plastic hand and power tools. This is a nice addition to the "house" and "shop" toys available for creative play. The librarian said that a recent donation had made the new workbench and "kitchen" possible.

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6/30/2015, car

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