Tuesday, January 1, 2013

139. Boston Central Public Library--Briefly!

Well, I've been putting of writing this one because the cord that goes from the camera to the computer is hiding again. But what the heck--I've once more grabbed a placeholder from the web. I made my brief visit between a bus ride from Concord, NH to Boston, and my train ride from Boston to St. Paul.

It's no surprise that this building is huge and gorgeous. I entered what I think was the main front door, and had to get directions to the children's room. (No sign in this lobby, and it later became apparent that I "should" have entered by a different door.) It wasn't obvious from the outside that the building surrounds a handsome central courtyard. On my way through the courtyard from the center of one side to the far-right corner, I passed a pretty fancy cafe; I gather that events can be held in the courtyard and catered on site.

I got glimpses of large rooms with many public computers, shelves and shelves of books on the ground floor (where I was), a mezzanine level, and at least one floor more. Finally, I reached the Margaret and H. A. Rey Children's Room.  The room is not terribly large, but perhaps that perception is colored by the many large, fancy strollers parked seemingly everywhere. There are two window walls, shielded by tall concrete panels from the public sidewalk immediately outside .

In addition to the usual collection of E and J books, I  thought that one clever use of space (and old equipment) was storing "big" books in a map/atlas cabinet with sliding shelves. There was also a horizontal file holding posters. Three stuffed bears in graduated sizes were wearing "Read Your Way to Fenway--Boston Public Library" T-shirts, probably reminders of a past summer reading program. Space was so limited in the children's room that holiday books and all the J media were shelved in space outside that area, but still close by.

And then I had to dash back to South Station to catch my train! I must visit again.

12/27/2112  bus, walking

Add a bit of snow, some ice, and a half-dozen or so evergreen wreaths...

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