Monday, January 7, 2013

141. MORE -- Ellsworth, WI

This is a small library, in a small town. To the left of the entrance is a sunny room for periodical and reference browsing. A sign said that patrons must use their own library card in order to use the computer; they are available for 30 minutes, with a 30-minute extension if nobody is waiting. Maximum in one day, 60 minutes.

When I spotted a sign that said "Ask librarian for help to reach books on the top shelves," I had to walk over to the shelves. The top one is well over six feet high!

A large table in front of a sunny window held plants and a collection of wooden puzzles and games.

Like River Falls, Ellsworth has a LEGO club; I didn't see any models, but there were pictures on the window of the librarian's office. A picture book area has a neat dollhouse / treehouse (Melissa and Doug style), other toys, and toy-and-book and puppet-and-book bags to check out. A sign in this area says "Reading together 20 minutes a day is the most important gift you can give your child." So true, and it's so important to keep reminding parents of this.

The library has a collection bin for lightly used children's winter wear. There are regular story hours of several types, and there will be a book signing on Wednesday the 9th. (Oops, didn't write the author's name in my notebook!)

I invariably find that the smaller libraries have programming that is just as dynamic and valuable as their larger cousins. Ellesworth is a good example.

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  1. I've visited this library. I love small libraries and also am amazed by the richness of programming. As tiny as our Pepin Library is, they do such wonderful things, especially in the summer.



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