Thursday, January 17, 2013

143. ECRL Chisago Lakes

There are huge windows on three sides of the building, mainly looking out on what appears to be a natural area. (It's a bit hard to judge in the snow!) By the kids' area there is an array of bird feeders outside the window. Several tables were standing ready with crayons and coloring sheets; I meant to ask whether this is SOP or if a group was expected, but I forgot. There's seating for adults and kids and a collection of stuffed animals, including a large stuffed dinosaur that seems to be part of the seating.

The opposite end of the large rectangular space has a handsome fireplace, a "living room" seating arrangement, and a sink; refreshments? Along the long window wall are five wooden study tables, each seating four, interspersed with comfortable reading chairs. There's a Minnesota Collection, and I saw a framed pronouncement recognizing the 50th anniversary of the East Central Regional Library. I learned at another stop that the anniversary was several years ago--and that ECRL was the first region to form in Minnesota. Now, the whole state is divided into regions that encompass several counties each.

All three libraries I visited today were built at the same time, about 8 years ago, and designed by the same architect. That is easy to see--but each has its own personality!

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  1. Thanks for visiting Chisago Lakes today! I wish we would've had more time to chat. As a former sub for Anoka County and GRRL, I've worked in so many of the buildings you visited and still will visit.

    We love our windows; great light and it let's us watch the critters and birds in the swamp in our backyard.

    The coloring sheets are always out for the kiddos, usually leftovers from storytime! And our large stuffed animal is a frog. :)

    Happy travels,
    Sarah Biro- Branch Librarian

  2. It was a pleasure, Sarah. As for the large frog, I think my notes got confused, and the dino was at Wyoming.


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