Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Not Quite Chicago

My plan had been to visit the Chicago Central library between trains; there is a scheduled four- or five-hour stop between the Lakeshore Limited and the Empire Builder. Alas, AMTRAK and the snowy weather in New York and Ohio had another idea, and I barely had time to find the gate for the Empire Builder; no time to walk even the few blocks it would have taken. Maybe next year.

On the way out of Chicago, the train stopped briefly right across from a new-looking library. I have no idea where we were at the time, in some suburb I'm sure, but it was a handsome modern building with a curved glass wall surrounding a bright atrium. If anyone knows what I was seeing, let me know--I'd like to visit!

I realized FAR too late--like just recently--that I could have a) pulled out my GPS, which I did have with me, and noted the lat and long of the stop, and b) taken a picture through the train window. Any bright ideas about how to have bright ideas in the moment, not weeks later?

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