Thursday, January 17, 2013

145. ECRL--Wyoming, MN

The tone of this library was set before I even set foot in the door, when a departing patron gave me a big smile and hello as I approached. That's a first! The two staff I talked to (for a long time) were equally friendly. Yay, Wyoming!

I saw a couple of posters in the lobby that interested me. One made sense of a sign I saw earlier in the day; from January through to summer, different reading mascots, like Clifford and Llama Llama, are going to be visiting the ECRL libraries. In the summer, a new ECRL mascot will be introduced. Cool--I should try to be there for that.

The other poster was about World Book Night (, which this year will be on April 23. I haven't been to that website yet, but I shall get there. I'd never heard of this event before.

This is another in the trio of long rectagular libraries I visited today, but in this case the entrance is on a short side. And as soon as I entered the door, I was enchanted by the "Reading Railroad"--see the picture below. This curved train was created, I learned, by a local Eagle Scout; on the other side is a curved counter with three computers for kids. It's a very attractive and inviting way to set off the kids' area. [I also learned that Eagle Scouts were responsble for the flagpole and some benches.]

The walls are enlivened by large book-cover posters and painted quotations. The fireplace was on, and a few large plants added to the "living room" feeling of the adult browsing area. There are at least two small study rooms, and a large meeting room. And very, very nice staff. Not that the staff at other libraries aren't nice; I'm always nervous when I say things about staff, that folks from other libraries will think I didn't like them or something. Not at all. But we had a long, wide-ranging conversation here, and I enjoyed it a lot.

1/17/13, car

I was strongly encouraged to return in the summer to see the rain gardens in bloom, and so I did. Pictures have been added below.

8/13/2013, car



  1. Great to meet you and I am envious of your project. What fun!

    Happy trails to you!

    Rebecca J. Hostetler
    Branch Librarian

  2. I took a look at the World Book Night website, and it's a very interesting idea. I definitely recommend taking a look. I haven't seen it mentioned at any bookstore or any other library.

  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences while visiting the Giese Memorial Library in Wyoming and invite you to revisit our library in the summer to roam around our rain gardens, the flowers are stunning. You would also see the individual creativity from members of our community as you step from stepping stone to stepping stone along the winding pathways.
    Darrell Vincent

  4. Thanks for the invitation to visit in the summer. It's possible--but with my motto of "Every Library I Can" and the existence of over 16,000 libraries (and that's just in the USA), I won't promise.

  5. Wow, is it something in the water? In five days, Giese Memorial has attained fourth place in page hits! St. Paul Highland Park, 445 (and nobody can explain that); St. Paul St. Anthony Park, 64; Anoka Johnsville and Giese Memorial in Wyoming, MN, tied at 52. The others have all been on line since August 7. I'm amazed and impressed!


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