Thursday, December 27, 2012

138. Concord New Hampshire Public Library

I'm here in New Hampshire for Christmas; a snowstorm this morning kept me inside, so when my brother in law offered to drive me to town in mid-afternoon, I was ready to go. This library has changed a lot since it was "my" library around 1970. It was not busy today, which is not surprising, probably because of the heavy snowfall.

The first floor is for adults. There are many distinct spaces, for non-fiction, fiction, periodicals, computers, etc. A large group of drawers for vertical files are something I've rarely seen in my travels so far. Signage in the non-fiction area seems especially clear. I liked the sign I saw on the end of one shelf: "Why should I have to tell you--you should just know! Marriage 306.8 Your library card--the best value in town." I hoped to see some others like this, but didn't spot any.

There seemed to be many new books, including large print books, displayed in the middle of the building.

A table near the computers has signs "Wait here for computers." and "Computers are first come first served." I saw no indication of time limits for the computers; I wonder how that works out?

A few random things I liked on the main floor: A sign thanking individuals, some anonymous, for contributing the cost of specific periodicals. A table for filling out library card registration forms; this must save some time at the circulation desk. A sign indicating that staff would get items from storage if given the needed info. Nice, but it means the collection is not readily available to patrons. There's a very nice tile mural over the exit door. And the lower level has vending machines and tables where patrons can eat.

The children's area is upstairs. There are painted murals on many walls. This verse is above a beautiful fireplace surrounded by blue tiles:
     Books are keys to wisdom's treasure.
     Books are gates to lands of pleasure.
     Books are paths that upward lead.
     Books are friends. Come let us read.

The children's space is very open and light, with a variety of murals and displays. There are eight computers, and several were being used.

12/27/12  car

The picture is from the web because my camera misfunctioned. I apologize to whoever I swiped it from, it obviously doesn't show 8" of snow, and I promise to replace it with my own picture next summer.

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