Saturday, December 8, 2012

41a. St. Paul Central Children's Department-Revisit

Back again, since I was downtown for the grand opening of the renovated Union Depot. And for fun, I figured out how to get from the depot to the library using skyways all the way!

Neat new idea in the children's area today: Clear plastic backpacks loaded with theme-based books! It appeared that there are six books per backpack. Very cool. Kudos to whoever thought that up.

At the far end of the space is a housekeeping setup, a "shop," and a child-sized puppet theater (in addition to the grand historic puppet theater). A very small girl, no more than three years, was trying to be a shopkeeper, calling out that "I need customers! Lots of customers!"

Hello to the staff; I always see familiar, friendly faces when I stop here.

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