Wednesday, December 19, 2012

136. Great River--Cold Spring

OK, the first thing I spotted was a sign: "Do not use your cell phone in the library." I like that. I can assure you that signs about using phones "appropriately" have no effect whatsoever. I also like "Please do not reshelve books." I'd often like to add "especially if you think that putting them on the end of the shelf, to the right of the bookend, is helpful. It is not." [Nope, my boss won't let me say that.]

This is a multi-purpose building: city hall, police, fire, and library. Great use of space, though I understand that the library is outgrowing its allotment, and a larger space is being sought.

The library space is generally divided along its long axis, kids' to the right, adults to the left, a youth area joining the two at the far end, and three computers in the center. A nice big window looks out toward the entrance sidewalk; you can see it in the picture below. The children's area has a low round table with some cute upholstered wooden chairs.

There's a small staff area and workspace near the entrance, and here I found four of the most pleasant staff I've run into in my travels. As soon as I told one staff person that "my hobby is visiting libraries," she wanted to know if I am the blogger. Guilty as charged! So we all chatted about the blog for a bit. Then I learned that I really should have lunch at Marnanteli's, across the main highway from the Holiday station, and I really MUST visit the Cold Spring Bakery. Well, when a librarian gives you advice, it's wise to listen. I had a cheeseburger with tater tots (can't remember when I last had tater tots), then walked to the bakery and left with assorted cookies and bars--in a brown cardboard box like I haven't seen since my family brought goodies home from Crosby's Bakery in Nashua, NH. Thanks for the tips, ladies!

12/19/2012, car


  1. 4, 2013 at 11:25 AM

    We enjoyed your visit. It adds to a day hearing about our patron's or peers adventures. So excited you visited our local establishments.

  2. Back in St. Paul I told a friend that I'd visited Cold Spring. She said that a college friend (this was some years back) had been from Cold Spring, and immediately wanted to know "Did you visit the bakery?" I was glad to tell her yes! You certainly are in an enviable location.


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