Wednesday, December 19, 2012

135. Great River--Richmond, MN

A single square space, one of the smaller I've seen, but with windows, which always make a space seem larger and friendlier, in my opinion.

Speaking of friendly, what would welcome little kids better than the low table full of Duplo blocks and related toys? This table is surrounded by books, of course--bins of picture books, shelves of J's.

Media includes VHS, DVD, CD, and audiocassettes. I spotted 4 public computers; I didn't look too closely, but I'll guess that there is one for the catalog, three for the Internet.

The collection is small, but it's as much as the shelves will hold. And size of collection is not so relevant in Great River, where the whole collection floats. In a sense, each branch has a collection the size of the entire region! While I stood at the staff desk (after embarrasing myself by trying to buy a fleece blanket that, it turns out, is part of an up-coming winter reading program for adults), a man checked out a DVD and placed his "order" for two other items. I learned that the delivery truck for Great River makes the rounds five days a week, so he won't have long to wait.

Look at the great front wall; I should have asked, but I'll guess it is made of granite from one of the companies I passed on the way here.

12/19/2012, car

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