Thursday, December 27, 2012

Plans for 2013

(Updated halfway through the year, early July.)

* Finish visiting branches in Great River and Selco (maybe not all of them)
* Finish visiting branches in MORE (ditto)
* Return to MELSA branches where my notes were puny or non-existent (working on this)
* Visit libraries in WI, MI, NY, and NH during my annual summer trip; perhaps even Ontario! (visited 25 libraries in 11 days, including one in Vermont, two in Ontario)
* Visit the WI library that a librarian in Stillwater, MN, said is "fantastic"; I have the name at home--I know it starts with V. (I believe that's Verona, and there's one nearby that turned up on the "Libaries and Ice Cream" list. They are close to each other, and are slated for a road trip in late July or early August, to coincide with the Lands End sale in Dodgeville.)

And if the train schedule and the weather cooperate, I'll visit the main Chicago library Saturday morning, on my way home to MN from NH. (Cross your fingers; the Amtrak track record is not so good.)

Other "must see" libraries you want to suggest? Comments welcome.

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