Saturday, November 10, 2012

130. SELCO, Faribault, MN

This library is part of a row of linked buildings that house, from left to right, the City Hall, library, parks and recreation center, and a senior center.

I arrived about 20 minutes before closing, and the lights were mostly off already in the children's area. I did see a fine dramatic play area, with kitchen, store, dollhouse, and (a first for me) a child-sized "living room" with easy chairs, a "coffee table," and so forth. Round pizza pans are attached to the ends of some shelves, and each has a collection of pictures with magnets.

There are two attractive fireplaces and other features that hint "Carnegie," but this building is not of that heritage.

There is a sizeable collection of foreign and silent films on DVDs. Reference materials are "on shelves behind the reference desk."

A wall rack holds resource guides for courses that might be college or high school.

An old, large, glass-fronted bookcase with a collection of books is "...from the home of Judge Thomas Scott Buckham, 1835-1928."

Large plastic baskets are at the ends of rows for books to be reshelved. I saw a dozen or so public computers.

With 15 minutes to go, staff announced that "The library will close in 15 minutes. We are not able to issue library cards 15 minutes before closing. Lights and computers will turn off 10 minutes before closing." Staff at this library must have a good track record for clearing the building on time!

11/10/12, car

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