Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hello, readers. The site is seeing quite a bit of action, which is great fun. But there are very few comments. My guess is that blogspot deters comments by requiring that you log on in some particular way. Here's an alternative: I you email your comments to me at, I'll put your email in as a comment. I won't include your email address, but please give your name or an alias. And be sure to identify which post your comment is related to.

Does that help?

Ellen (library.logger)


  1. A map with the locations (google allow you to create specialized maps) of your library journey would be funtastic!

    1. My daughter suggested this, too, and I'm thinking about it. I'd also like to add a link on its page to each library's website. Both of those possibilitie4s will have to wait until I a) learn how to do it, and b) find a large chunk of time, or a bunch of shorter times, to get it done. Since I started with the MELSA libraries, the first 106 or so are all pretty well clustered. Now that I'm branching out (so to speak), it might be more interesting.

      Is this Nia W?

      Anybody else want to weigh in here? Map or website links--which should I tackle first?

  2. I can help produce a map for your sidebar menu. NW SV :)

    1. I'll think about that after the first of the year. Let's see if anyone else wants to push in that direction.


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