Saturday, November 24, 2012

133. MORE, Ladysmith, Wisconsin

The Ladysmith library overlooks a lake (pond?) and a park, which gave me a chance to stretch my legs--briefly. It was cold today! One of the pictures below looks back at the library from the park.

There is a fountain in the lobby; I think it was called Dripping Leaves. (Sorry, the name didn't get into my notes.) There was also a woman weaving on a tabletop loom, which was fascinating to me and to a boy about 10 years old.

There is a cozy teen area with two couches, a TV, and a sign gently asking that "If you move the furniture, please put it back." Near this area I was able to look into what I think is the librarian's office. A picture of a cute pirate cat was on the computer screen.

An adult browsing area looks out over the park. Large and medium tables along the window wall provide space for study and jigsaw puzzles. On top of one shelf I spotted a stuffed bobcat; I'm not an expert, but it looked like a good job. There is a stuffed owl, also good.

Moving toward the kids' area I saw original art on the walls, a coupon swap, a mineral display, and a nicely decorated Christmas tree. I've learned that outdated coupons are collected for military families, who can use them for a certain time beyond their expiration date.

The kids' area has windows on two sides. It features a tepee, probably 6 feet tall or more, with cushions inside. And to me, the piece de resistance, a wooden horse with a real saddle! I asked permission and took a picture; see below. I learned that the recently retired children's librarian provided (built?) the horse and gave the saddle. When I was a kid, I'd have been in that saddle every chance I had! A corner for the littlest kids had a set of three quarter-circle carpeted steps in one corner.

The juvenile collection seemed to be very large and included book-and-media sets and many, many VHS tapes.

That horse distracted me from the adult collection; fear not, there is one!

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