Saturday, November 24, 2012

132. MORE, Chetek, Wisconsin

This small library has a delightful children's area, with a dragon mural, a bright rug with the sun, numbers, and letters, a puppet theatre and basket of puppets, and a good collection of books--including a large group of Little Golden Books. A toy corner was keeping a number of small children engaged while I was there.

A browsing area was made homey with a number of glider-type easy chairs and a couple of rustic lamps, along with periodicals and newspapers.

The back wall featured articles and pictures of Hazel Calhoun, Superintendent of Schools in Barron County from 1952 to 1963. Even a cursory reading made it clear that she was a wonderful philanthropist in this community. Look at the picture below and you will see that the library was named for her.

The library provides fax service at $2.00 for six pages. Ive rarely seen this service in libraries, except in St. Paul.

As I was leaving, I spotted a poster about Operation Military Kids, a collection of 20 books provided by the state. There were suggestions about reading one or more of these books and discussing them. For more information, check out

Today was the last day of a Friends booksale in Chetek, and I scored three children's books and a recorded book by Crichton--all for a buck! Thanks, Friends!

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