Thursday, November 8, 2012

124. Great River, Long Prairie

This is a downtown library that shares a building with an attorney and various other offices. Once inside, however, it was easy to forget the unassuming exterior. One large wall held a handsome mural of the area, and a smaller space had a painting of community members: doctor, police officer, boy, mom with baby, and others.

In the children's area I immediately spotted sixteen 4-H binders on various topics; I think it was Sauk Centre where I first saw such binders. The collection overall is small--hey, the space is small!--but patrons have access to the entire GRRL collection, too. And because the collection floats, new and different books are available each time a patron comes in.

Some attractive quilts hang on the walls. There are Spanish books available, and I noticed a number of Hispanic businesses in town. I spotted at least four public computers, and there are several shelves designated for teen books. The art on the walls and a number of large windows make the space bright and inviting.

11/8/2012, car

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