Thursday, November 8, 2012

125. Great River, Eagle Bend

I had missed Eagle Bend when I was planning this trip, but a staff person at Little Falls told me that it was right between two branches I planned to visit. The problem: it wouldn't open until 4 pm, and I surely wanted to be headed south by then. So I stopped by, took a picture, learned what I could from posters in the windows and on the door, and left a "check out the blog" note in the book drop.

So, I can tell you that the branch shares a downtown building with a history center, adjacent to a senior center. There will be a Talking Turkey storytime from 10:30 to 11 on Saturday, November 10; somehow in that short time there will be stories, flannel board, crafts, and snack. Wow! Perhaps I wrote the time down wrong? That seems like a lot to fit into 30 minutes.

There is a poster about "Rebel Pride for a Blue Ribbon School"--I think the Rebels are the local high school teams. A brochure about language learning is displayed: "Journey to a land of 60 languages with Pronunciator." And the "Every child ready to read" poster from GRRL is in the window.

I hope that Eagle Bend staff found the note I left in the book drop and will check out this post. Perhaps they will even be kind enough to leave a comment telling what I missed by not getting inside.

11/8/2012, car

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