Saturday, June 6, 2015

6b. WCL, Park Grove branch in Cottage Grove, re-visit

This was one of my very early stops in 2012, and I visited again in 2013. So why another visit today? Well, the primary reason was Darkover Landfall by M. Z. Bradley. I'm participating in an adult "summer reading program" through the Wilson Library at the U of MN, and one of my choices is "read about a different world"--to I decided to revisit Darkover, a favorite series a few decades ago. But it was not available in Ramsey County, where I work, or Hennepin County, where I visit at least once a week. St. Paul has it, but all copies were out. The next closest was Park Grove, so off I went.

When I got there, I promptly discovered that my camera batteries, which worked shortly before I left home, had breathed their last for that picture in my yard--and I didn't have spares. So no new pictures. Perhaps I'll remember to rectify that in a couple of weeks when I return the book, unless I send it through MELSA.

The library in general looks as I remember it; see the description in post 6a. [Search for "Park Grove" or "6a".]  The main change that I'm aware of is in the Teen area, with its "Just for Teens!" signs, four computers, and assorted seating. This area was in the planning stage at my last visit.

I think that the children's area may have more Early Literacy focus now, with signs and activities prompting caregivers and children to Play, Sing, Talk, Read, and Write Together. A plain metal door (locked; leads to mechanical services, perhaps?) is livened with magnetic letters and gears, a creative use for a utilitarian feature. Next to this is a large board with interactive play features mounted on the wall.

I like the framed photo display of LEGO projects, "See What We Made!" Privacy is maintained by showing only kids' hands; some of the models shown are very creative.

I forgot to mention, this library has the most detailed "leave unwanted materials here" message I've seen: "If you have browsed items but do not wish to check them out, please place them on this cart. Library staff will return them to the shelves. Thank you."

For more about this library, see the website at or

6/6/15, car

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