Monday, June 8, 2015

59b. Dakota County Library System, Galaxie Library, Apple Valley--Revisit

This was my third visit to the Galaxie Library. Two years ago I used it as an excuse to try out the rapid transit bus, the new "Red Line." This year I again rode the now well-established Red Line. Full disclosure: I was really planning to visit a new outlet shopping mall...but I didn't get off at the right stop. However, I was prepared with my camera and my "collecting notebook," so all was well. [I'll check out the mall another time, now that I know where it is.]

OK, I re-read my post from two years ago, so I'll just comment here on some changes--or things I didn't notice before. For example, the pay phone in the lobby. These phones are an endangered breed, but as a person who sometimes doesn't carry a cell phone, the sight of a pay phone is always welcome. Though I didn't have 50 cents change, either! Never mind.

As I walked down the left side, past the Law Library area toward World Languages, I noticed that the Reference shelves are...empty! Chatting with a librarian, I learned that Galaxie has done the same thing my home library did recently: There are a few reference books on a shelf that I had missed. Others have been weeded or added to the circulating collection. I expect that I will see this more and more often.

I'm always interested in the ways libraries try to get patrons to not reshelve the books they have browsed. Here, I found signs like this throughout the stacks: "Let us put it back for you! Place materials here for reshelving." This seems very clear, and it sounds as if we want to help out the patron. I should have asked how it works; perhaps someone will leave a comment.

This time I was able to get a picture of a portion of the "quiet reading room" that I think is also used for programs. Unfortunately (not really), when I had gained permission to take a picture inside, and returned to the reading room, a couple of kids were in there reading, but the picture below will give you an idea.

There are some inspirational signs in the children's area, like "Why read? To be a vet and help animals feel better. Kids who read grow up to succeed." This was repeated with a variety of careers. Another sign is "Reading stirs the imagination so kids can: Go anywhere...Do anything...Be anyone."

For more about this library, go to or visit the Dakota County Library Facebook page at

6/8/2015, walk, bus, train, bus, walk (and reverse)

The "quiet reading room" for kids; those carpeted steps make a full half-circle.

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