Thursday, June 11, 2015

65a. St. Paul, MN, Bookmobile

St. Paul, MN, has a very nice collection of 13 libraries plus a freshly-painted bookmobile! I'm not sure how common bookmobiles are in urban areas like St. Paul, but this handsome vehicle and the drivers/librarians who bring it around town are doing a great service to the community. Go to the link below, find "Bookmobile" under "Hours and Locations," and take a look at the schedule. During the summer you'll find it at housing projects, senior housing, and other neighborhood locations. In my case, it parks every two weeks, for two hours, in a church parking lot just four blocks from home! When I visited last night, one patron was already browsing and four others came in during the 15 minutes I was there. One was a boy, maybe ten years old, who appeared to be walking home alone after dropping off a stack of books. Imagine...a free-range kid!

During the school year the bookmobile spends mornings stopping at elementary schools where teachers have arranged for class visits. For a couple of years I helped with a kindergarten class at one of these schools on bookmobile day and I was totally impressed with the patience and kindness of the staff. It's not easy having 25 five-year-olds pile into the relatively small space!

So, three cheers for St. Paul and the Bookmobile staff; wonderful outreach is being done in the city I call home.

For more about the bookmobile, go to the St. Paul Public Library home page at or their Facebook page at

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