Thursday, June 18, 2015

136b Cold Spring, MN again

This was my third visit to the Cold Spring library. What took me there? Well...thereby hangs a tale.

I have a reading project going this summer that involves re-reading Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Darkover" novels; reading them in the order the stories occur, not the order in which they were written. The early ones are hard to find. What I needed was not available in Hennepin County, Ramsey County, Washington County, or St. Paul. I could use inter-library loan, of course, but that's too easy. I located the book in the Great River Regional Library, based up in St. Cloud. Now, which branch should I choose to pick it up?

Cold Spring, of course! Why? Well, to get to Cold Spring I knew I would pass an outlet mall (just one quick errand at the Corningware store) and a huge craft store (a couple of minor items I might need for a project). And then there is the Cold Spring Bakery; ahh, now we are at the core of my motivation. I left the bakery with a couple of their brown boxes, put one in the car and took the other to the library staff.

OK, not much has changed at the Cold Spring library in the past year, but change is coming. If I visit next summer (quite likely, see above), there will be new furniture. And there is talk of a new location in their future, which will provide much-needed space. I always enjoy chatting with Susan about what is happening in the part of library-land that I have visited. And, yes, it's nice to be recognized as "the blogger"!

Driving home was mostly off-highway, through farmland where the recent rain is proving kind to the corn and beans, past black-and-white cows wading happily in a pond, thinking back to the wonderful geography course I took at the U last semester. Altogether, despite cloudy weather, a very fine way to spend an afternoon.

6/17/2015, car

No new pictures. Check back next year!

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