Monday, May 25, 2015

342 Cedar Lake Branch of Lake County Illinois Public Library

The library has a large lobby; when I visited, it was lined with project tables: Lego, make a wind catcher, and other crafts. I had the impression that there had been a program earlier in the day, or perhaps there would be one after Memorial Day, in preparation for the Summer Reading Program.

Straight ahead is a large commons area with tables, chairs, windows to the roof (see the picture of the entrance), periodicals, newspapers, and a stand with maps and atlases.

There is a similar space to the left, with the reference collection and non-fiction stacks. Oversized books are shelved flat on the bottom shelf near where similar call numbers are shelved, a practice that I think is very civilized. Unfortunately, where I work there is not enough shelf space to do this (even if I could get anyone to agree to try it...).

All of the windows in the adult area have deep cushioned window seats. A couple of study rooms are available; they require photo ID for use.

The Teen Zone is in a glass-walled room, perhaps once intended as a meeting room. There are a couple of tables, various seating including a window seat, and an Internet computer.

The children's area has a large preschool space; here, the windows start at floor level, a nice touch for little kids. There are tables, toys, and many board books. I spotted a "daycare collection," and a "Prescholar Bag" from a state agency. See what this is about at It looks interesting.

The J non-fiction collection seemed quite large. Dewey Decimal aids are on the shelf ends. There is a kids' reference collection, and of course plenty of fiction.

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5/23/2015, car

The sign...

...and the entrance

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