Monday, May 25, 2015

336 Mentor on the Lake Ohio Public Library

I chose to visit this library because it is not too far from where I lived for a year or so about 50 years ago. I also worked one summer at a "fresh air" camp, Camp Herrick, in 1961. Of course, nothing even vaguely resembles anything I remember from those experiences.

The library features a shape reminiscent of a Lake Erie lighthouse with windows on all sides. Elements inside, like square tables with lighthouse-shaped corner posts, carry out the theme.

The preschool area has a wooden train table, puzzles, board books, and a sign with this message: "The most important 20 minutes of your day...Read to your Bunny." The picture, of course, is of a bunny mother and child.

In a sunny corner is the Sandra G. Schudel Memorial Room. That name is carved on a wooden sign above the door, and down from the right side of the sign are relief carvings of a sailboat, spinning wheel, loom, basket, and books. What a lovely way to indicate the interests of Ms. Schudel. It made me stop and think what a similar sign for me might have. How about you? Take a moment and think what items would best represent your life.

The children's area also has a couple of attractive two-step stools, not the ubiquitous round ones with hidden wheels that retract when you step on them. Not a big deal, but a small indication that someone involved with this library seeks out the not-quite-ordinary.

In the adult area, periodicals are shelved in an open area surrounding a round table with four captains chairs. I did not notice a specific area for teens, but there are four bays with six shelves each of YA books.

Finally, see the last picture below for a very nice example of relaxed "living room" seating with a fireplace.

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5/22/2015   car


The "lighthouse tower"

The building is also reminiscent of a barn;
once upon a time this would have been an agricultural area.

I could imagine spending an hour or so in this cozy area, perhaps with a fire on a cool day.


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