Thursday, August 7, 2014

Petoskey, Michigan

Did you notice that Petoskey does not have a numbered entry? That's not an oversight. Through a combination of factors, not least of which was that I forgot that Michigan is in the Eastern time zone, I arrived at Petoskey just as the staff was leaving, at about 7:05. This library has been on my list of places to visit for a long time...since last summer, I think. But I had to settle for outside pictures, and I will of course direct you to their website. But I can't count it as a library visited, unfortunately.

I did have a nice, if brief, chat with a patron who was sitting by the employee entrance (well, in this case, egress). He pointed out to me the old library building across the street, and I thank him for that.

More info? Go to Compared to the pictures there, mine serve simply to document that I was, indeed, there.


This walking labyrinth is part of the library grounds.

 This is the old library building across the street.

Approaching from the side. The fence surrounds a reading garden.


  1. Maybe you will have to stop there on your return route!

  2. It's taken three years, but Petoskey is on my route for a May 2017 trip!


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