Saturday, August 16, 2014

289. Greater Sudbury Public Library, Main Library, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

As I entered this library, I was greeted by a display of Summer Reading Program robots. The children's area, along the right side, is divided into three "bays" or rooms. The first is the Kids Zone, or Coin Des Enfant, and holds picture books, toys, and so forth, for the youngest patrons. The next is for "J" books, J Rom (for Roman) in French, J Fic in English. This room has a small nook with a chair, bench, and posters about "What's Happening?"

The third room holds children's non-fiction books. It appears that English and French non-fiction are shelved together here by Dewey number, simply labeled "J", and non-fiction videos are shelved along with the books. I didn't spot any non-fiction DVDs, so I don't know whether they are also intershelved. This room has brightly painted walls, orange, yellow/green, and reddish. Very lively and attractive.

In the adult section I learned that non-fiction books are documentaires, and alternate shelves hace French and English headings. A literacy section includes materials for learning English, and a few for math. There are books in French, Chinese, and Finnish.

The sticker indicating Teen books is a skateboard!

A large Reader's Lounge or Salon des Lecteurs (right-hand side in picture below) has a number of windows. It is decorated with many handprints that seemed to be cut from wood perhaps 1 or 2 cm. thick and painted with enamel, probably by individual patrons. There must have been well over 100, each unique.

The lower level houses the Mary C. Shantz local history collection, four carrels with computers, historic photos on the walls, vertical files and flat files for topo maps. There are also phone directories, microfilms, law books, government documents, and other reference materials. The lower level closes 15 minutes before the lending level, a smart policy.

The Maker Space is also on the lower level, and posters encourage Tweens to learn how to create stop-motion LEGO videos. There is an up-coming contest for 1-minute videos.

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