Monday, August 11, 2014

169a. Moosilauke Public Libary, N. Woodstock, NH --Revisit

This was a serendipitous visit. My sister and I had been to several libraries in the area and were looking for a parking place so that she could program our next goal into her GPS. When I saw where we were, I realized that I had been here last summer, on a day when the library was closed. (See entry 169, June 4, 2013.) At that time, I had peeked in windows, read posters, and written what I could; now I could go inside.

The visit was short but a lot of fun. I told staff about my earlier not-quite visit, and one of them remembered that I had left a note on the door at that time. We chatted about the very tall bookshelves, and the large collection of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books in the children's area. I noticed at least three desks/tables provided for the use of laptops.

As we were getting ready to leave, my sister noted the large "balance ball" (also called a yoga ball, I think) and we learned that it serves as the desk chair for the librarian. During these visits, I always look for "nowhere else" items, and I realized that I had just found one here!

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8/11/2014, car, with JH

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