Friday, August 15, 2014

286. North Hero Library, Grand Isle, Vermont

I had a couple of libraries on my list for this leg of the trip, but for some reason my GPS thought I should take a ferry to get to them. I had no intention of taking a ferry, so I just kept driving on Route 2...and then I spotted this library in Grand Isle, VT. And it was open, so clearly I was meant to visit ;-).

The main room of the library has wooden shelves of fiction, mostly. This makes sense for a small library, since non-fiction is more readily available and likely to be up to date on the Internet. I saw a number of books that I recognize as recent publications. The "Adopt an Author" program might work well here; see the description in the post about Barre, Vt.

In the children's area, picture books are sorted by category rather than author: Concepts, Stories, Holidays/Celebrations, Nature, Trucks, Growing Up, and so forth. I like the poster of Waldo's Tips for taking care of books!

For more about this library, take a look at, and know that a library can better be judged by the spirit of its people than by the size of its budget.

8/12/2014, car

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