Friday, August 15, 2014

287. Arnprior Public Library, Arnprior, Ontario, Canada

This library would have been a welcome and pleasant walk from my motel, except that it happened to be pouring rain when I arrived in Arnprior. What I saw in the evening and as I drove through town the next morning made me think that another visit might be in order, next summer. At that time, I'd like to allow enough time to explore the town a bit.

I started in the children's area. The floor is tile, mostly blue, with circle and arc patterns in other bright colors, creating a very welcoming effect. Large wall displays inform kids that if they read 10 books in the summer reading program, they are invited to the Eccentric Adam Show. For 20 books, they may see the librarian about having a name plate put in the book of their choice--what a great idea! And for 40 books, they will be invited to "The Gala."

This is the first library where I have seen boxes of "Brain Quest" cards available to check out. As a circulation clerk, I wonder whether the staff has to count all the cards each time one of these boxes is returned! I looked at the great expanse of series books and spotted several that must be Canadian, as they were not familiar to me: The Last Apprentice, The Agency (definitely Canadian, as each book in the series has a red and white maple leaf sticker), The Boy Sherlock Holmes (ditto), and Raven Hill Mysteries are some that I noted.

In the YA corner, three girls were engrossed in books and laptops. This corner is close to a window wall that looks out on a lawn, perhaps a park, that may have a view to the river in clement weather. Newspapers and large print books are nearby for browsing in a "living room" area. I spotted at least four public computers.

I seem to have missed the non-fiction collection, but on the lower level I found adult fiction, assorted tables and chairs, another "living room" in front of a fireplace, with new fiction nearby, and a staff workroom with a window wall. I like the idea that patrons can see staff at work!

I had a nice chat with staff before bolting to my car and driving the two blocks back to my motel.

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