Saturday, May 31, 2014

239. Glencoe Minnesota Library, Pioneerland region

Start with a large high school building, a nice one that is on the Registry of Historic Places. Move the students and all to a different building, and offer the entire second floor to the public library. Welcome to the Glencoe, MN, public library! It's primarily a very long space with a wall of tall classroom windows.

I happened to enter at the children's area end of the space. I spotted a large dinosaur stenciled on the wall; a clock with Read Read Read on the face; a huge dreamcatcher; a child-scale two-sided reading table with a sloped top (I've only seen a few of these in my travels, and I like them.); lots of books, including series books in spinners. Just a whole lot of nice details. There's an nice safe enclosure for the littlest patrons, with board books, a very large teddy bear, and some activity boards on the wall, and nearby several chairs for supervising adults. There are also a small three-step stage (or tiered seating?) and a wooden train set on a low table.

A large "alcove" on the side away from the windows provides an area for teens. A large picture of a finger and lips forms the iconic op-art "shushing librarian" as a reminder. There's a wall of fiction, a diner booth, and some other seating. Adjacent to this space is a small room designated for Wii. I learned from the librarian that the kids were challenged to do a certain amount of reading in order to "earn" the creation of this room. Neat idea!

As is so often the case in libraries, there are historic photographs and special old books in locked cases. Glencoe has something that goes beyond this. Down a side hall one of the old classrooms is being prepared to be the book sale room. In this room, the old chalkboards are still on the wall. The wooden floor is being rehabbed and old desks are standing by. This room will be preserved as an example of a classroom from the 1930s. A decade before I started school, but I think I'll have to return and see it later.

And lest you think that it's all about the past, there is a Tech Center with 14 computers.

About this time I got into an extended conversation with the librarian...and thus I slighted the adult area of the library. I was having too much fun, and then I needed to head to my next visit! It did appear that there is a windowed reading area in one corner.

For more about this library, go to

5/30/2014  car

The large door is the main entrance to the first floor of offices.
The library is on the second floor, and the smaller door
leads to a small "elevator lobby" for accessibility.

This is a side view. Go to the library site (link above)
for a more impressive picture of the building!

Minnesota libraries frequently are graced with quilts,
and Glencoe's is a gorgeous one!

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