Saturday, May 31, 2014

240 Bird Island, MN, Public Library, Pioneerland Region

I have some history with Bird Island, related to harvesting floorboards from a parochial school that was being demolished in the 90s, for use as a karate dojo floor in New Brighton. I've been looking forward to visiting there again. I think I recognized the restaurant where Sensei and I had lunch, but I could not spot the site of the school.

But of course, that's not why I was there. I was there to visit the library and coincidentally, to congratulate Shirley on her retirement from the position of Library Director. Yes, I walked in on a party--that's a first.

On with the visit. The entrance holds a magazine exchange. I spotted at least four Internet computers. Not only are there historic photos on the walls, but this is one of the few places where I've seen law books: Minnesota Rules, 2009; Minnesota Legal Manual, 2011-2012; and Minnesota Statues, 2004.

The kids' area in the back has three computers. I like the poster that says "Penworthy Bear says... pick the perfect book for you." A good message there, for patrons of all ages. There is an interesting round table with six indents. If I had a prize, I would award it to the person who thought of mounting sections of eave gutters to the wall for displaying picture books. They are beige outside, painted a nice blue inside. Brilliant! There is a separate room beyond the children's area where kids or teens can hang out.

I didn't see much of the adult area, as I think that's where the party was. I did get to chat with one of the guests, who seemed disappointed that I was not a reporter covering the event. Sorry about that. And I had a brief, pleasant conversation with Shirley, the retiree. I got her permission to take the picture, shown below, of the pleasant browsing area. I learned that the building used to house a doctor's office/clinic; the browsing area was the waiting room.

For more about this library, have a look at or

5/30/2014, car


I understand that this is a popular place to relax with the morning paper!


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