Thursday, May 15, 2014

123a. Little Falls, MN revisit -- Great River Regional Library

I first visited this Carnegie library in 2012. Today it was on my route between libraries, so I decided to stop in again. (Yes, I have a soft spot for Carnegie libraries.) This time, I spotted a few things I missed before. I also got permission to take some interior pictures.

The library has been enlarged, but the classic Carnegie features remain. Two levels up from the main entrance is the teen area; I didn't go up there on this trip, because I could hear that teens were there, and I like to give teens their space. On the first level up, I spotted a couple of features I missed the first time,  a pair of rooms that would have been on the "back wall" of the original and now look down on the lobby. One appears to be a study room. The other is curtained and has a Staff Only sign...break room, perhaps?

One level down from the lobby, in the basement of the original, the children's area is very bright and cheerful. The lighting seems especially bright in the preschool area, which is nice. I noticed this time that puppets can be checked out, and there is a large poster (maybe 5 feet square) with pictures of insects and wonderful words like "nibble, gobble, gnaw" for adults to enjoy with kids.

For more about this branch, take a look at my original post (search for "123") or go to

5/14/2014, car

The first two pictures were taken one level up from the lobby, in the original Carnegie building.

This pleasant "living room" is in the "new" part of the library on the main floor.

I like this book-themed bike rack.
There will be one more picture, but I have to rotate it before I post it.

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