Thursday, May 15, 2014

236. Foley, Minnesota -- Great River Regional Library

Like many other small-town libraries, Foley's library shares a building with other municipal services. Entering from the street, you walk down a long corridor with windows to the library on your left and artwork on the walls to the right. It's a nice "arrival zone."

Inside, to the right is an area for little kids, with toys, picture books, and easy readers. To the left are two catalog computers and five for Internet access. Nearby is a small table with four chairs; I can see this being useful for a parent wanting to use a computer but needing to keep a small child nearby. Nice touch. There is also a box for donations of "gently used" books, DVDs, and CDs, to be sold to support the library. Having the box would serve as a reminder to patrons that these items are wanted; another nice touch.

Four carrels along the wall hold games and puzzles. In addition to the windows that look out to the corridor, there are large windows facing the street. Near these windows is a nice "living room" area for browsers.

The "stacks" shelving is very tall; the top of the shelves must be at least 8 feet high...have fun dusting that! Fortunately the top and bottom shelves are not used.

This is where I saw the first notices about the upcoming summer reading program, which I was pleased to see is science-based. Tiny kids through those in grade 6 with "Experiment with Reading," and grades 6 through 12 will "Read--Think--React." I look forward to seeing how this program evolves.

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