Thursday, May 15, 2014

238. Royalton, MN --Great River Regional Libraries

I've often been close to this library without even knowing it; it's just one block off Rte. 10, where it shares quarters with Town Council chambers, a museum, and the police department.

My favorite things in the children's area were the framed art by first graders, each showing a child's face and a speech balloon: "Walk" "Be kind" "Raise your hand" and "Shhhhhh"  These look like a bygone classroom's "rule for our class," done in a very nice way.

Reading shelves is not my favorite activity as a library page, so when I see a sign that says "Relax, leave the shelving to us. Thank you." I want to cheer. I know patrons mean well when they return books to shelves, but it's just not that easy!

The collection of non-fiction looked pretty decent, but I wondered why the World Book encyclopedia was on such a high shelf.

There is a glass-fronted bookcase very much like one in my childhood home, where each shelf has a horizontally-hinged glass door that can be lifted for access. [I wonder whatever became of the one I remember. Hmmm.]

My favorite feature, and I was so happy to see it even in such a small branch, is a "living room" near a floor-to-ceiling window. I got permission to take a picture of it, which you can see below. I've decided to start getting photos of these "living rooms" when I find them. My motivation: the library where I work will be remodeled in 2015, and I hope, hope, hope that we will get our own "living room." If the right people are looking at the blog, perhaps there is hope.

And another favorite was when I told the staff person that my hobby is visiting libraries and she asked "Are you the blogger?"

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5/14/2014, car

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