Thursday, March 21, 2013

Whistler Library, British Columbia, Canada

OK, branching out a bit here. I have not personally visited this library, but my sister and brother-in-law gave it a good looking-over while on a ski vacation, and her write-up is so good, I'm going to post it.


We visited the Whistler library today and what a wonderful place. Maybe I can emigrate and work here as a page after I really retire.

First off, it sits in prime real estate here in the middle of a busy multi season resort which says something about the commitment to library services. There are multiple hotels, shops and restaurants surrounding it. Built in 2008' it is the busiest library per capita in British Columbia!. It's easy to use for permanent and seasonal residents. If you are vacationing, ten dollars entitles you to borrow and return at any library. You can also get a BC 1 card and use any library in BC with it if you are a resident.

They have a large, many windowed children's room which was quite busy at 1130 this morning. Computers for kids use, easy to reach shelves, bright murals and a relaxed atmosphere made it very kid friendly.

There is a large AV section, a 12 computer room for adults, including a posted schedule of computer classes. They will even help you learn to use your iPad! Open stacks, study corners, meeting rooms, windows everywhere, it is a beautiful, functional place.

Bathrooms are open, not locked, spotless and large.

We were greeted by a woman asking if she could help with anything. Turns out she is a trustee who was paying her overdue fines! She hooked us up with a librarian at the circulation desk who answered many questions. During our look around, the library director (I think) Elizabeth found us and offered her assistance and also answered questions. We have decided that I should start a project of checking out libraries in resort areas. She said the one at Telluride CO is pretty fantastic.

By the way, at the entrance to the library there were 2 racks, a bike and a ski one!

Here is the basic picture which shows the bike and ski racks. The stones on the right have I believe, First Nation carvings.

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