Saturday, March 2, 2013

146. ECRL--Princeton, MN

Let's start in the lobby, where I saw a large community room with a meeting in session. I noticed a poster about the Legacy of Elmer Andersen, the 30th Governor of MN. It appears that 10 circular plaques about his life and accomplishments have been designed by an artist named Amy Sabrina. I thought I might see the actual plaques in the library, but I did not. Perhaps I missed them?

The kids' area has a cozy nook maybe 10' x 12', with two carpeted steps on two sides, murals on the walls, and an attractive fabric hanging. It was great to see a plaque that reads "We love our children. -- Princeton Friends of the Library." There's a long window wall that looks out on what I assume is a river; it's rather hard to be sure, since it's frozen over and snow-covered. There is also a puppet theater and a good collection of picture books and J fiction and non-fiction.

I saw 10 public computers. There are counters and chairs by some windows, but no obvious outlets for laptop computers. There's a teen area in a sunny window corner. An old-looking oak file cabinet is being used for a pamphlet file; I really like to see perfectly good older furniture still in use.

On the side of the building near the service desk is a browsing area with large windows, comfortable-looking chairs, and a magazine exchange.

I took a walk around the town and spotted a building that surely didn't start life as a dentist office; see below.

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