Tuesday, March 26, 2013

151. Wabasha, MN (SELCO)

I usually go to Wabasha for the National Eagle Center, but today was all about the library. It's not a large library, but very attractive and uses space well. The adult area is divided into informal areas for browsing and study, with a window wall that brightens the space. Large historic photos and a number of very detailed riverboat models above the shelves attest to the historic interests in this river town.

Two shelving practices that appeal to me are separating biographies in their own area and shelving non-fiction DVDs with the non-fiction books. I don't see either of these practices (especially the DVDs) very often in my travels, but I know that librarians are very sensitive to the needs of their patrons and the use of space, so I'm sure the practice at each library is "right" for that location.

I saw at least five public computers, and a tucked-away corner with a computer, microfilm reader, and other specialized materials for genealogical research.

The outstanding feature of the children's area is a collection of framed Book Week posters, currently from 1962 to 2012. They fill the space above the shelves on the three available sides, so... where will the 2013 poster go? I asked, and there currently is no answer. I have no doubt a creative solution will be found, and I may have to stop in again to see what is done. The book collection is not large, but looked well-balanced and quite up-to-date. My traveling friend and I spent a good bit of time looking at all the pictures in a book about Denmark that was on display. [Note: the picture of a house with a thatched roof is not a "typical Danish house."]

My other favorite in the children's area is a "sand table" with a clear top and bottom, sand between the layers, and magnets that can be used to move plastic "boats" around in the "water" (sand). There were no kids present when I was there, but I bet kids are drawn to this like (ahem) magnets.

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