Saturday, March 2, 2013

147. East Central Region--Milaca, MN

An outside sculpture (see below) was created by a local artist, working with local school children. This library is very well provided with art. The lobby wall has a sculpture of a many-branched tree with stones beneath, an especially attractive way to honor donors. The children's area has three large wooden sculptures on the bookshelves, a river boat, a tall house of some sort, and what appeared to be a combined houseboat/sailboat. I should have asked! There is a rounded alcove near the picture book area, with an upholstered window seat and tall windows.

A very interesting display tell about the original library and city hall being housed in a 1936 WPA building. The current building dates to 2007, and continuity has been maintained in many ways, including: a color palette in the new building that reflects the old; a beautiful stone fireplace; and brilliant murals on the walls in the high central portion of the ceiling. The four panels represent early settlers and Indians; early days of the town; farming; and a school bus.

Near the adult browsing area is a coffee maker, apparently one of the "K-cup" things I've heard of. Is this what they mean by a "coffee cart" for the remodeled Shoreview library? I don't know, but I DO know that SV won't want to deal with "Purchase your cup and water at the circulation desk!" It does appear that one can choose coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, which is nice.

Curved wooden ends soften the utility of metal shelves. In fact, this library is full of curves! The teen area has a curved alcove with a attractive fantasy art on three panels, and a display of portraits that I would guess were done by a talented local teen.

Outside, a sign indicated that there is a shortgrass prairie under the snow. This is not the best season to visit libraries that have special landscaping!

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