Saturday, March 2, 2013

149. ECRL, Cambridge, MN

This is the headquarters of the East Central Regional Libraries. A sign on the bookdrop says "Please bring items in if the library is open. If bookdrop is full or the door is stuck, please take items home. Thanks for your cooperation." I meant to ask whether people were given a break on overdues if they had to take their items home, but of course I forgot.

Inflated planets hang from the ceiling in the children's area, and the top of the walls is lined with corkboard for displays. Children's CDs are displayed in plastic shoeboxes on their sides, on top of a low bookshelf. Just the right size! Picture books are in bins surrounding several sets of tables and chairs in bright colors. A sign says that children 5 ot 8 years old may be left unattended for nor more than 30 minutes, and the library cannot be responsible for children left unattended.

Restrooms are locked and the key must be obtained from the service desk. This is not the first place I've seen this, but it is uncommon.

I was intrigued to see that 6 shelves of adult non-fiction had shelves spaced to allow for tall books, just 5 shelves high, while the regular non-fiction shelves were 7 shelves high. It made the shelves look neater than usual, and except for having to be sure you were in the right place, I think it would simplify shelving. And I'm saying that as a person who does a lot of shelving!

A glass-fronted case holds old Minnesota books. A sunny browsing area for adults includes large soft chairs. I saw about a dozen computers for adults, but only a catalog computer in the kids' area.

My "something I haven't seen anywhere else" for this stop was posters with photos of library staff, including aides, naming their "favorite reads" and holding the books named. I spotted three of these posters, two on the end of shelves and one on a column; there may have been more.

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