Thursday, May 18, 2017

452 Mackinaw Area Public Library, Main Branch, Mackinaw City, MI

I rashly decided that the library was close enough to my motel that I could walk. And I did walk, but oh my, it was a longer walk than I expected!

The building certainly is not fancy, but with a library, what matters is what's within.

The children's area is to the right of the entrance. A whiteboard has been mounted on the wall for kids to express creativity. A sign says that some pre-loaded iPads are available for kids to use in the library. Series books include many Nancy Drew books, various editions old and new, plus "Michigan Chillers" and "American Chillers," two series I've not been aware of. I just checked my home library's catalog, and it does have a collection of American Chillers. (But not the Michigan series!) Decorated paint stirrers are available for shelf markers.

And isn't that pillow-loaded bathtub cool?!

A large meeting room has a very long mural of US History. Chairs, a podium, and a large-screen display, look ready for a program.


Here is a corner for reading or study.

Kids also have a cozy corner.

There is also a large Michigan History room with an extensive collection of books and objects. My favorite was a model of Paddle to the Sea.



  1. Thank you for visiting our library and for saying such nice things about it. I do need to let you know that our room is a Michigan History Room not a Minnesota one though we do have some Minnesota history in there. Thanks again for visiting.
    Jolene Michiaels, Director

  2. What a wonderful review with great pictures of the inside areas. Thank you for sharing not only what is available at this library but,such positive opinion of what you found there.


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