Thursday, May 18, 2017

272a Charlevoix Public Library, Charlevoix, MI

This was a re-visit. I was here in August 2014--with only 20 minutes before closing! (Put "272" or "Charlevoix" in the search field to reach the earlier post.) This time, I allowed plenty of time, including time to talk with staff. And I'm sure I still missed many features. If you're ever in this corner of Michigan, you really should have a look! And if I missed something that you want included, put a comment on the post.

There is a small playground on one corner of the grounds, and a gigantic monarch butterfly sculpture in the middle.


The library was once an elementary school, with two welcoming wings. 

The bear bears a map of this corner of Michigan. Charlevoix is disconcertingly close to the bear's tail. And the bit of old construction material on the right suggests that the town once had a Carnegie library.


These two pictures give a glimpse of the traditional woodwork and calm color scheme.


The reading room's origin as the school gymnasium is only apparent if you look at the ceiling.

Same reading room, from the other end.

Having a catalog computer on the end of a shelf in the stacks is very convenient. A puzzle exchange is tucked in a corner.


Someone does jigsaw puzzles the same way I would, with all those blue sky pieces lined up neatly. Let's see, I need a piece with a funny bump...where is it?

These areas of the library would be right at home in a lakeshore house, I think.


Teen areas can usually be spotted by their bright colors and funky furnishings.


My recollection from the too-hasty visit three years ago was that the children's area of the library retained the classroom features of a school. I was reminded on this trip that the wing was gutted and rebuilt as needed for its new role in life. I'd like to think that the wall behind the drinking fountains was tiled like this originally, but I'm probably wrong. However, the clock is original. Some of us remember these clocks with their punched paper tapes running through to ensure that the bells rang at exactly the right times. The clock still runs. The bells do not ring.

I hadn't seen this poster before, but I wish it would be displayed in every school, library, pediatric clinic, you name it. This is why I often wear a T-shirt that says "Talk to your children and read to your children." In the poster, note that the parents aren't even paying attention to each other, much less the kid. Pet peeve of mine.

It's hard to show, but the librarian's desk in the children's area is curved on both sides, facing the book area and the corridor. Nice design touch.

Teens don't get all the bright colors, of course. I especially like the red signs with the white rope knots in the corner.


Trees are a theme here. These are just two examples of the very large artificial trees. One has a computer embedded in the trunk. Another, not shown, has a space large enough for a child to sit inside.


The round, domed room at the end of the corridor was busy with kids and parents, so I settled for a picture of the ceiling.

Message to the staff, if you got this far. Yes, I have a booklet about the library...somewhere. It's now the last day of my trip, the car is a disaster area. But I had to get caught up with these posts. I will read the literature soon, and correct any egregious errors.


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