Thursday, May 18, 2017

449 Shelby Area District Library, Shelby, MI

The best reason to include the Shelby library on this trip? A chance to meet up with a young woman I first met on the Amtrak train a couple of years ago! After breakfast at an amazing dairy place outside of town, I returned to see the library.

I was a bit early and parked near this gazebo. If I lived here, I think I would bring a cushion and curl up here to read and listen to the birds.

The landscaping at the entrance is "Inspired by Edith Fox. Community garden planted and maintained by Friends of the Shelby Area District Library." Clearly the Friends are a talented and hard-working group!

I often see living room settings like the one shown below in libraries large and small. This one includes something special. Look above and to the right and left of the fireplace; those posters hold pictures of the 2017 graduating class of Shelby High School. They are grouped by the post-secondary schools they plan to attend. What a fine way to acknowledge their efforts! Down a side hall I spotted a related display: "What Your Librarians Did After High School" Most of the staff provided essays about their paths after high school. They were interesting to read, and should give a valuable lesson to the graduating seniors: Plan, but be prepared to have your plans change over the years. Life is not a straight line!

There are padded benches in front of the windows. You can just glimpse one at the far right. Newspapers are "shelved" in the space beneath the seats.

The adult fiction stacks have helpful signs guiding patrons to authors and sub-genres. Some were of the "if you liked that author, try this one" variety. Also, "Looking for a book by your favorite author? Check the paperback books." That sounds as if the paperbacks have been given their own space recently.

The children's area dates to 1994 and a series of plaques honor those who made this project reality. Straight ahead you see the picture book and easy reader room. The carving to the left of the entry is a wonderful owl with wings up-stretched. I offer kudos to whoever designed the dividing wall here with its curved and triangular shapes adding interest to what could have been very plain.

The children's fiction and non-fiction collections are on these dual-level bookcases. I like the way the two heights work to create a more welcoming environment for young readers, compared to adult stacks which are usually uniformly high. Kids' media include a lot of VHS tapes.

Teens get the last section to the left, where they have fiction, manga, and graphic novels, plus a couple of tall tables with matching chairs.

It's my policy to never show patrons in my photos, but I was sure this little fellow wouldn't mind!

I had to include this poster: "Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun." Quite likely, hmm?

Public computers are in the wooden carrels shown below. Adults also have the Michigan Collection; reference books, including a shiny new 2017 World Book Encyclopedia; a fax machine; large print books; DVDs (including children's) and other media; and a Spanish collection.

And everyone has the benefit of friendly, helpful staff!


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