Thursday, May 18, 2017

451 Mackinaw Area Public Library, Bliss Branch, Levering, MI

When visiting libraries, it's fun to be surprised. In this case, I drove where my GPS directed me, turn left, turn right...there must have been an easier way! But eventually I spotted my goal, a small building seeming in the middle of ... lots of fields and woods.

The single vehicle in the parking lot had a cute picture of English sheepdogs. I was looking forward to this visit more and more!

The library is small, not quite tiny. It reminded me of a number of libraries I've visited, especially Grand Isle, Vermont, In both cases, I found a single staff person dedicated to providing lively, creative programming.

Last December, Bliss held a square dance; it must have been in the adjacent community meeting hall. February, cutthroat cribbage and potluck snacks. There is a writers' group and a musicians' group. For kids, the librarian is collecting colorful plastic bottle caps for a big summer art project. And before they go to their new homes, the sheepdog puppies will make a visit. How I wish I could be there that day!

The library has most of what all libraries have...just smaller. Here we see periodicals, a computer, a printer, a literature rack.

This display of books about cabin living suggests a likely interest of the local patrons.

Kids have a small collection of books and media, plus classic Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls.

The greatest asset of this library is the creativity and energy of the librarian and her patrons. It really makes my day when I find one of these small, rural gems. Live long and prosper!


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